Yoga Teacher

With a very positive attitude toward life and rich experience in practicing yoga, Jaggiis very passionate about helping people be the best they can, he believes that yoga is the key to effective change.

Jaggi practiced yoga based on Patanjali yoga Sutra and Hatha yoga Pradipika (One of the ancient texts on pure form of yoga). When he finished his graduation he further decided to do his masters in Yoga and science from Patanjali university Haridwar. During these years of service along with an exploration of yoga philosophy, strengthening the yogic education and its understandings he continued to do his Ph.D. in Yoga and science. He has studied many ancient scriptures and books in the field of yoga. He applies practical wisdom from years of practice and study to his courses on yoga teacher training. In his class, you'll learn how to live your yoga and realize your potential in life- especially in the field of yoga.